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The following represent the scale of our urban design projects from city codes to downtown to neighborhood to building to plaza across the United States. You can see a summary sheet of each project by clicking on the image.

Rohnert Park Smart Code

Rohnert Park, CA Downtown Form-Based Code
Fisher Town Design was part of the Opticos team that was charged with creating a design for a brand-new downtown for Rohnert Park.
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Pescadero, CA Bilingual Town Planning Workshop
Fisher Town Design was hired to design and lead a bilingual town planning effort in Pescadero along with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant.
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Sonoma State University Class Project

Sonoma State University Urban Design Class
Lois Fisher teaches an upper-level class at Sonoma State University about Urban Design.
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City of Woodland County Fair Mall Retrofit
Fisher Town Design was part of the Congress for the New Urbanism team that was charged with redesigning a failing mall in Woodland into a mixed-use environment.
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Rancho Mark West Landscape Masterplan
Rancho Mark West is a rustic property in Santa Rosa, CA that hosts LandPaths 'Owl Camp' each year. This masterplan was created using a group process that allows the unique qualities of the 'Red Barn' and the 'Old Ranch' atmosphere to be enhanced.
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North Santa Rosa SMART Station
This project's goal was to move the second SMART rail station in Santa Rosa from a location that was hard to find to one that was visible and easily accessible. The new station was approved in 2010.
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sonoma mountain village smartcode

Sonoma Mountain Village SmartCode
Environmentally progressive mixed-use village for the former Agilent campus in Rohnert Park.
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Hamden, CT Smart Code
Calibration of the Version 9.0 SmartCode to fit the town of Hamden CT. The project includes three major roads in Hamden. It codes for a new walkable downtown area for Hamden.
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Vallejo Health Impact Assessment map

Bayer Farm
This Vision Map had as its central purpose to help provide a context for the new Bayer Farm in Southwest Santa Rosa.
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Vallejo Health Impact Assessment
This Health Impact Assessment(HIA) project is focused on South Vallejo. Vallejo has many challenges in terms of health.
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Carmel, IN Smart Code
Preparation of a city-wide SmartCode for Carmel Indiana. Fisher Town Design was the SmartCode consultant for TPUDC.
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Charleston, SC: John’s Island SmartCode
Customized a SmartCode that will focus growth in three mixed use villages, while preserving the rural heritage of the rest of the island as a consultant for TPUDC.
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Artisan Village
basin street

Artisan Village, CA
This project envisions a walkable European village on 320 acres in El Dorado Hills, CA. Its design will inspire visitors and residents alike to walk instead of drive to everyday destinations.
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Harmony in Flagstaff, AZ: Smart Code and Regulating Plan
The City of Flagstaff owns a 30 parcel that is designated for affordable housing. Fisher Town Design was retained by AZNORTH Development as the SmartCode expert to design the SmartCode and Regulating Plan for the site.
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The following projects were designed by Lois Fisher while a principal with Fisher & Hall Urban Design, Inc. from 1997–2007.

central petaluma
basin street

Central Petaluma SmartCode
The first SmartCode in the United States, covering 400 acres of the formerly industrial Petaluma riverfront.
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Basin Street Landing
Mixed-use office, commercial and residential block and plaza along Petaluma’s historic waterfront.
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pass christain smartcode

City of Pass Christian SmartCode
The recovery plan for this Mississippi Gulf Coast town that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
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Downtown Ukiah and Perkins Street Corridor SmartCode
A walkable and mixed use extension of the existing downtown area.
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"Lois, you have done more than anyone else I know to make livable, walkable, Transit-Oriented Developments in Sonoma County a REALITY.
Thank you."
~ Rick Theis, Founder of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, Past Board Member of Transform, and former Santa Rosa Planning Commissioner.

san quentin vision plan

Downtown Cotati
Streetscape plan with pedestrian-friendly bridge elements, outdoor seating, decorative lighting and street trees.
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San Quentin Vision Plan
Walkable, mixed-use reuse plan for the prison property.
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